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2015 Golf lesson updates
 Instructors                              4 Lessons         6 Lessons         8 Lessons
Bob Beyer         $80/ hour             $280.00               $400.00               $600.00*

Paul Mindel        $95/ hour             $340.00               $495.00               $760.00*

                                                         *9th lesson FREE and $50.00 in range ball credit included with the 8 lesson package! 
 Junior Lessons                                 Private                                             Seriers of 6

High School                Bob Beyer     $60.00                                      $300.00*                                                
Seniors and                Paul Mindel    $80.00                                      $390.00*       
                                                                                         * includes 6 medium baskets                                 

Lesson Information

We will utilize our V-1 swing software both inside and out.  Once your swing(s) have been captured via our two camera
system, we will view on a high definition TV. For the clients benefit we incorporate several drawing tools and ultimately each lesson will be sent to your computer (for home viewing) and in most cases your smart phone.  

The V-1 software is used by most of the worlds best golf instructors.  Immediate feedback and viewing will provide a faster "higher" learning velocity (Dr. Gio Valiante)

Our system (of assessment scorecards) will help to understand to where the golfer is starting.  We believe this system makes it possible for us to show "in real numbers" your progress.  The assessment scorecards include, putting, chipping, pitching, driving and overall golf fitness.  This system of assessment scorecards is unique in the golf industry but based on current client feedback extremely successful in helping our students learn.  

We will also make recommendations that pertain to your clubs.  The clubs you are using will impact your performance either good or bad.     
Thank you for your interest in golf instruction at the National Golf Center. The following is intended to help you understand and prepare for your lessons.

- Our teaching philosophy will address all the different components of golf including full swing, putting, sand, specialty shots, short game, mental, physical and equipment. Each of these will impact your score and ultimately your enjoyment of the game. Our philosophy is based on teaching sound fundamentals vs. a quick fix.

- During your lesson a digital swing analysis video/computer system will be utilized to tape your swing. The software will allow your swing to be viewed immediately for observation and discussion. You will also receive written material and printouts to take home.

- Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your lesson time to warm up.

- Our expanded grass tees and sand trap are open as the weather permits. 

- We ask that each student complete a two page golfer profile, which is available at the counter, prior to your first lesson

- Because cell phones can be a distraction, we ask that you please silence your phone during your lesson. 

- When giving putting lessons we will use our indoor putting green and the Putter Enhancement Training System.   

Commonly asked questions about lessons

- What will we work on?

We believe score is the ultimate measuring stick for golfers. Your score is determined primarily by 3 main components during a round.

1. FULL SWINGS – (all clubs)
2. SHORT GAME – (within 50+ yards of the green)
3. PUTTING – (43% of all strokes taken are putting)
Based on that we will be addressing all three. A golfer should be able to improve in all areas simultaneously.

- How does a student prepare between lessons?

Review written notes and computer printouts. Practice at home following your instructors suggestions. In some cases teaching / learning aides may be suggested (i.e. Mirrors, balance disks, heavy club etc.). Slow motion drills are critical for improvement. Keep a written log of what you are doing during practice. If you play, keep a written summary of putts and any trends good or bad.  When practicing there must be a purpose or something specific to work verses just hitting the ball. 

- How much should I practice?

That will be discussed between you and your instructor. Please provide input in terms of what is realistic based on your schedule. Remember small doses of practice are extremely valuable. As your endurance (mental and physical) increases more practice will gradually become necessary. Quality practice is more important than large quantities of poor practice.

- What else can I do to help my long term progress?

Consider a golf stretching and strengthening program. I am able to provide three excellent sport specific programs and trainers.

Check the conditions of your grips. Based on usage your grips should be cleaned twice during the summer and regripped every two years.

Putt at home (focus on the score saving range, 2-6 foot).

Check the loft on your driver. Consider adding some type of hybrid club. Also consider adding a gap wedge and check the loft and bounce angles on your sand wedge.

- How many lessons should I take?

Until we meet and discuss where you are at, this question is nearly impossible to answer honestly.

- Can we meet before our first lesson to have a consultation?

Yes, I feel that gives an opportunity for us to understand who we are and answer some additional questions you may have.

- What are the first steps?

Set up our first lesson.  Complete the golfer profile. 
We look forward to working with and helping you to improve your game.

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